Creepy Crochet Spider and Spider-Web Patterns

Fall is in the air: Halloween will soon be here! Spiders are a fun Halloween symbol, and they’re easy to crochet. Why not pick up a crochet hook and some yarn to create a spider or two to decorate your home for the season?

Chester the crochet spider

Crochet a Spider

Chester the Spider adds a seasonal touch to your home. He’s cute, not creepy, so he looks great even in children’s rooms. This crochet spider is 9″ long, and his web is 21″ across, making it a perfect size to adorn a door.

Fall Halloween Finger PuppetsSpider Finger Puppets

Halloween crochet projects can be quick and easy to make — these spider finger puppets are a case in point. You can download our free crochet spider and pumpkin finger puppets patterns for free. These are quick to make, and they are great as favors at a Halloween party. You may even want to crochet a bunch of them to hand out to trick-or-treaters.

Fall Crochet Patterns

Check out for fall crochet patterns that are all free for you to download. The patterns range from easy to advanced, and you can crochet fall sweaters, scarves, or even autumn decor for your home. This fall, complement your crochet spiders with a crocheted fall cornucopia filled with fruits and vegetables, or a pumpkin costume for a teddy bear. Keep your hands busy and your home looking great, all on a budget, with our free patterns.



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