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Storing Your Yarn Scraps

What Should You Do with Yarn Scraps? Crocheters store their yarn scraps in all manner of ways, from bags or containers stuffed in whatever closet has room to a variety of creative storage bins made from buckets, boxes, crates or totes. For maximum efficiency, easily … Continue reading

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Secrets of Seaming Success

Seaming Done Right Whether joining afghan blocks or strips, or seaming a garment, the various pieces can be joined using one or more of several methods. Crocheting pieces together generally results in a stronger, more stable seam, while sewing often … Continue reading

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Caring for Your Crochet Tools

Crocheters are usually pretty conscientious when it comes to taking care of their crochet materials, such as yarns, threads, books and magazines, but often don’t give much thought to their crochet tools. Here is some helpful information about caring for … Continue reading


How to Successfully Start a Crochet Project

Beginning a crochet project successfully is key to ensuring positive results in the finished piece. Here are some helpful tips for getting your crochet projects off to a great start. Prepare to Start a Crochet Project If you think about … Continue reading

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The Savvy Single Crochet Stitch

By Karen Ratto-Whooley Single Crochet Stitch or Double Crochet Stitches The savvy single crochet is based on the American single crochet (UK/ International know it as the double crochet). By changing the placement of your stitches and using a larger … Continue reading


Drop-Stitch Mock Hairpin Lace

By Linda Dean Read on for an easy method to simulate the beauty of hairpin lace using a drop-stitch technique- with no hairpin loom required! Create mock hairpin lace doilies or shawls. What is Hairpin Lace? Classic techniques of crochet may … Continue reading


Think Warmer- Crochet Patterns for Spring

The days are short, snowflakes are flying, and yet many of us are dreaming of spring already. One way to help “weather” winter’s dark days is by crocheting projects for warmer days ahead. Free Crochet Patterns for Spring We offer … Continue reading


Techniques for Crocheting Stockings

Christmas and stockings just go together — imagine a fire blazing in the fireplace, with stockings lined neatly along the mantle. Every child will be anticipating Christmas morning, when the stockings will be full of treats, courtesy of Santa. There’s … Continue reading

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How to Make Crochet Jewelry

When you think of crochet, images of sweaters, scarves, and hats probably come to mind. But crocheting is far more versatile than just these items. Yes, you can make crochet jewelry that is fashionable. Take a break from afghans and … Continue reading

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Quick Crochet Hat Patterns to Finish this Weekend

Ready for a crochet project you can finish quickly — like, maybe this weekend? We’ve got you covered with crochet hat patterns you can make in little time. Grab some yarn and a crochet hook, and check out some of … Continue reading