Crochet Hook Sizes

To say the least, crochet hooks come in many, many shapes and sizes. There are very fine steel hooks, used with threads to make intricate doilies and other fine lace designs. There are also very large hooks, made of plastic or wood, used to create bulky yarn projects, like rugs, afghans, or sweaters.

Although hooks made for use with yarn can be made from several different materials, usually they are made from aluminum. Their sizes are about 6 inches long and are sized by number and letter, as such: B/1/2.25mm(smallest) up to N/P/15/10mm(largest).

It is of the utmost importance that every single stitch is made on the working area. Never stitch on the throat (stitch is too tight). Never on the finger-hold (stitch would be stretched). Generally, there are 2 ways to hold your hook: The “pencil” hold (photo A) or the “knife” hold (photo B).







In reality, there is no “wrong” or “right” way to hold your hook. The best way to hold your hook is whatever way is most comfortable for you to work with. Try to hold it firmly, but not too tight, so as to avoid any discomfort or cramping in your hand. The end of the hook should be turned slightly toward you, facing neither up nor down.

You can also hold steel crochet hooks, for use with threads, either way and they should be worked in the same manner. One thing to remember is that steel hooks are sized by letters only – never by numbers. The difference in sizing in yarn hooks and thread hooks, is that the smaller the number for yarn hooks, the smaller the size of the hook. For thread hooks, the higher the number hook, the smaller the size. Something to keep in mind!

Over time, crocheters might develop a preference for a particular style of crochet hook. Always remember, working with hooks that are most comfortable and function for you personally, will guarantee enjoyment and satisfaction with your creations!


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