Crocheting Shawls with Sock Yarn

Yes, it’s true: sock yarn isn’t just for socks anymore, and what a good thing that is for crafters! All that wonderful, thin, fine yarn is perfect for a great many projects, and one of them is crocheting delicate shawls. If you have leftover sock yarn or, better yet, if you come across a great sale on it-stock up! Discounted yarn plus free patterns equals savings for you.

Getting the Goods

Pineapple Lace Shawl Pattern

There are many free crochet shawl patterns that will work wonderfully for this. Plymouth Yarn® Happy Feet and other varieties of sock yarn can take a wrap like the Pineapple Lace pattern from anytime to evening time.

A pattern with a really fine, lacy design such as the Scarlet Ribbons Shawl and assorted Premier® Yarns Deborah Norville Serenity® Sock yarns leave you coming away with a dainty wrap that holds up like anything but dainty.

Scarlet Ribbons Shawl

Why It Works

The reason is that not only is sock yarn designed for the thin, soft elasticity of stockings, but it is designed for strength and durability as well. It is often non-irritating and holds up very well when washing. Toss in that it is easy to work with and you will find that you have the best of both worlds. Download free sock yarn shawls patterns today!


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    Looking forward to returning to crochet.

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