Think Warmer- Crochet Patterns for Spring

The days are short, snowflakes are flying, and yet many of us are dreaming of spring already. One way to help “weather” winter’s dark days is by crocheting projects for warmer days ahead.

Free Crochet Patterns for Spring

We offer free crochet spring patterns that will keep you busy this winter, while brightening your mood with spring-like colors.

Easter Table Topper

Think ahead to Easter with our sunny Easter Table Topper. This intermediate level pattern uses cotton thread to create a springlike addition to any table in your home next spring. It measures 32″ across, and all are sure to enjoy the colorful Easter eggs woven into the design.

Green Grass Rug

Green Grass Rug

Crochet a rug? Sure! Our Green Grass Rug pattern uses loopy stitches and medium weight yarn to create a rug that screams “spring” each time you spy its cheery colors and its daisy accent. This intermediate-level pattern will bring to mind spring as you create it this winter. No doubt a friend would appreciate one of these as well.

Tulip Patch Afghan

Tulip Patch Afghan

If you’re looking for a bigger, longer-term project, an afghan is the perfect choice. Our Tulip Patch Afghan gives a springy-like cheery to your living room, and it will keep you warm this winter as you crochet it. This pattern is an easy level, so even beginners can pick up hook and yarn, and start creating.

Our spring crochet patterns pages offer you dozens of spring-themed crochet patterns, from home decor and toys to apparel and kitchen items.  Browse the patterns, select a few favorites, and download them free when you sign up for a free account at the site. We’re sure you will enjoy crocheting this winter, and before you know it, spring will have arrived!





Techniques for Crocheting Stockings

Christmas and stockings just go together — imagine a fire blazing in the fireplace, with stockings lined neatly along the mantle. Every child will be anticipating Christmas morning, when the stockings will be full of treats, courtesy of Santa.

There’s something special about a handmade Christmas stocking. This season, a stocking you have crocheted makes a unique gift for a niece, grandson, or any other child.

Techniques for Crocheting Stockings 

Crocheting Christmas stockings is a bit more complex than making a scarf or blanket, simply because of a stocking’s shape. You will need to consider the heel, ankle, and toe areas, as well as considering a loop for hanging.

Christmas stockingsChristmas Stockings

Our Christmas Stockings pattern takes all these techniques into account, giving you detailed directions for creating traditional stockings with a homemade look that is rustic and comforting. This pattern is written at an intermediate level, and features a fun and festive top cuff with cross-stitch winter scenes that you can add after the crocheting is finished.

Jingle Bell StockingsJingle Bell Stockings

If you’d like to crochet Christmas stockings with a more refined, traditional flair, our Jingle Bell Stockings are just what you need. These stockings call for crochet cotton, giving them less of a bulky look and feel. The pattern is written at a beginner level, so you don’t need to feel intimidated. You’ll crochet hexagons for these stockings, and then stitch them together. This can take away some of the familiar heel/foot/toe fear that can plague beginning crocheters.

Stocking Stuffers

Once you have finished crocheting stockings, what will you fill them with? How about some seasonal goodies you’ve crocheted yourself? Our Winter Crochet Patterns offer a wealth of ideas for items you can create as stocking stuffers this Christmas.  Browse them all, because they’re free for download when you create a free membership at the site.


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How to Make Crochet Jewelry

When you think of crochet, images of sweaters, scarves, and hats probably come to mind. But crocheting is far more versatile than just these items. Yes, you can make crochet jewelry that is fashionable. Take a break from afghans and blankets and pick up your crochet hook with something more delicate in mind.

Free Crochet Jewelry Patterns

Our site offers free crochet jewelry patterns that appeal to all, from children to adults.


foiled heart crochet necklace

The Foiled Heart Necklace is a stylish choice. Choose a favorite yarn color and beads you like and get started crocheting this chic necklace today. You won’t believe how simple this pattern is to make.

Christmas crochet pins

Christmas Crochet Pins

Need stocking stuffers? These Christmas Crochet Pins offer the perfect solution! They are super simple to crochet, and you can use up yarn scraps (and paperclips, too!). These pins also are hot sellers at holiday craft fairs. They are also wonderful Christmas gifts for students in a Sunday school class or a school classroom. Since it takes very little time to crochet them, time will not be an issue when making these cute little pins.

Musical Crochet earrings

Musical Crochet Jewelry

If you are a musician (or know one), these Musical Crochet Earrings would hit the right “note” as a gift. Use delicate yarns for these earrings, which measure between 1″ and 1.5″ long. Keep in mind that when crocheting jewelry, many items look better when you use cotton crochet thread rather than traditional yarn. Experiment with different yarn types to discover which works best to create the look you want to achieve.

Browse all of the free crochet jewelry patterns we offer to find necklaces, earrings, and other jewelry items that are unique and fun to create.

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Quick Crochet Hat Patterns to Finish this Weekend

Ready for a crochet project you can finish quickly — like, maybe this weekend? We’ve got you covered with crochet hat patterns you can make in little time. Grab some yarn and a crochet hook, and check out some of our favorite quick crochet hats.

crochet hatQuick Crochet Hat Patterns

Our crochet hat pattern lets you channel your inner flower child. Keep your head warm and stylish, too, with this easy pattern, which you can create this weekend. If you’re feeling more ambitious, you can also crochet the matching vest and handbag.

cloche crochet hatLadder Stitch Cloche

If a cloche is more your style, crochet our ladder stitch cloche hat. The simple style of this hat makes it a great choice for unusual or textured yarns. Top it off with a fun crocheted accent flower. You’re sure to turn heads in this cute chapeau!

3Men’s Camo Hat

Don’t forget the guys in your life. Our men’s camo hat pattern is quick and easy to make, and the pattern includes directions for a matching scarf. This set makes a great gift for a hunter or anyone who spends many hours outdoors.

North Country crochet capNorth Country Caps

Stocking caps are easy to make and fun to wear! Our North Country Caps pattern is simple to make, and it comes in sizes for kids and adults. Crochet one in red for Santa to wear, and make more for the kids to wear while sledding or throwing snowballs. Don’t forget to crochet one for yourself, too!

Our free crochet patterns will open up your options. Browse all of our offerings and download as many as you like at no cost when you register at the site. Then, start crocheting. You could have a new wardrobe addition in just a day or two.


The Art of Crocheting Turtlenecks

During winter’s cold days, it feels good to wear a cozy sweater. And turtlenecks are probably the coziest, warmest sweaters of all, with their extra neck material acting as a type of scarf to keep the wearer toasty on even the chilliest days.

Crocheting turtlenecks is easy and cost-effective with our free turtleneck sweater patterns.

child's turtleneck sweaterChild’s Turtleneck Sweater

Crochet a turtleneck for a child in your life. Our child’s turtleneck sweater pattern works great for both boys and girls, and is written at an intermediate level. Sizing is available for ages 2, 3, or 4. This sweater looks best when crocheted using a bulky yarn for warmth. The pattern even includes instructions for making a matching hat.

man's crochet sweater patternMen’s Turtleneck Sweater

Men like to stay warm on cold days, too — the men’s turtleneck sweater is a welcome wardrobe addition for hunters and others who spend time outdoors on cold days. The pattern includes sizes from small through 2X — and is written at an intermediate level. Pick up medium-weight yarn and a size I hook, and you’ll be ready to create a turtleneck he’s sure to appreciate.

dog turtleneck

Dog Turtleneck

Don’t forget about your pet when you’re considering crocheting turtlenecks! Fido’s Turtleneck gives you all the directions you will need to crochet an adorable sweater for your dog. Any pup would enjoy this nifty costume, which has no annoying leg holes. It comes in 9″, 12″, and 15″ sizes — and is written at a beginner level. This would be a fun pattern to help a child crochet during holidays.


Free Patterns and Ideas to Teach Children How to Crochet

Holidays offer kids welcome respite from schoolwork, and provides families with extra time together. Offer a child in your life a wonderful gift — the gift of learning to crochet. Use this time to share your love of crocheting with your niece, son, or grandchild by teaching him or her to crochet.

Children’s Free Crochet Patterns

We offer patterns to teach children how to crochet and free crochet patterns suitable for beginners. These will help you keep your beginning crocheter motivated to keep trying.

Amish Stripes PlacematAmish Stripe Placemats

Our Amish Stripe Placemats make an ideal crochet project for beginners. This free pattern uses just two basic crochet stitches. Kids will love to choose bright colors for these, too.

Angel of Hope doll dressAngel of Hope Doll Dress

Girls love dolls, so what better crochet pattern to help a girl make than the Angel of Hope doll dress? The dress fits a 13″ doll, and the pattern is at a beginner’s level.

Crochet Dog LeashChain-Stitch Dog Leash

Keep Rover close with another fun beginner’s crochet pattern: the chain-stitch dog leash. This pattern makes up so quickly that your young crochet student may want to make one for each dog in the neighborhood!

Our free crochet patterns for beginners help you share your crafting skills with others in an inexpensive way. Browse all our patterns, shop for a crochet hook and yarn, and you’ll be on your way to passing along a fun hobby to the next generation.


Our Five Favorite Crochet Hooks

Crocheting is a “hot” hobby, with Craft Yarn Council reporting that 38 million Americans are currently knitting or crocheting. There are good reasons to pick up a crochet hook: using your hands meaningfully will trigger healthy engagement and activity in 60 percent of your brain, says author Alton Brown in his book — The Creativity Cure: Building Happiness With Your Own Two Hands.

But which crochet hook should you pick up? Here are our favorite crochet hooks:

Aluminum Crochet Hook Set

Aluminum Crochet Hook Set

This sturdy set includes eight different hooks, in sizes D-K. You’ll never again suddenly realize that you’re missing the correct size hook for a new project. These hooks feature tapered throats and round tips for ergonomic comfort, and you’ll appreciate their pretty colors as well.

Crystallites Multipack

Young crocheters especially love these crochet hooks. They’re cheery, bright, and lightweight to hold, and their acrylic material glides easily through yarn. Two packs are offered, with different hook sizes. The hooks are so affordable,  you can afford to buy both!

plastic crochet hook set

Plastic Crochet Hook Set

For bigger, bulkier projects, we recommend the sturdy Crochet Dude Plastic Crochet Hook Set. This set includes hooks in sizes L, P, and Q. Their ergonomic design makes them comfortable for all types of crochet projects.

Amour Crochet Hook Set

Amour Crochet Hook Set

If arthritis or other issues affect your hands, never fear: Amour crochet hooks may be the solution you need. This hook set features elastomer handles that reduce hand fatigue. A customer review says, “I LOVE these hooks. I have 2 sets of them! I am 45, but still I have problems with my hands. I can’t use the hooks that I have used for 35 years. These make it possible to crochet again. I thought I was done forever.”

Steel Crochet Hook Set

This basic set of six crochet hooks makes the perfect gift for a beginning crocheter. Sizes 0, 1, 7, 8, 9, and 10 are included, so add in a ball of yarn, and you’ll be ready to begin crocheting today.

What are your top crochet hooks?

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Free Crochet Patterns for Your Hunter

Hunting season and crocheting may seem like odd companions, but it’s a safe bet your favorite hunter would enjoy a warm crocheted item when he returns from a long day outdoors. Our hunting free crochet patterns can help you create special items for the hunter in your life, while still sticking to a budget.


hunting afghanCozy Afghans

The Nine Patch Afghan has an outdoor feel, particularly when you crochet it using yarns in camouflage colors or other fall shades. Use bulky yarn for a warmer feel. Grab a size G hook and get started today — the pattern is free to download when you register at the site. Our Navajo Diagonal Stripes Afghan is another masculine afghan choice hunters would enjoy.

man's crochet sweater patternMan’s Crochet Sweaters

Being outdoors for hours in cool weather can take its toll. Keep your hunter warm with the Man’s Turtleneck Sweater. Choose yarn in his favorite muted shade, and crochet this free pattern. It comes in sizes from small to 2X and is written at an intermediate level.

His fingers will stay warm, yet retain flexibility with a pair of Convertible Mittens. Use this beginner-level pattern to create mittens that can easily expose fingers when needed.

3Camo Scarf and Hat

Hunters everywhere will enjoy the warmth of a camo scarf and hat. Crocheters will appreciate the pattern’s easy directions. Browse our free patterns, and begin crocheting for your hunter today!





Creepy Crochet Spider and Spider-Web Patterns

Fall is in the air: Halloween will soon be here! Spiders are a fun Halloween symbol, and they’re easy to crochet. Why not pick up a crochet hook and some yarn to create a spider or two to decorate your home for the season?

Chester the crochet spider

Crochet a Spider

Chester the Spider adds a seasonal touch to your home. He’s cute, not creepy, so he looks great even in children’s rooms. This crochet spider is 9″ long, and his web is 21″ across, making it a perfect size to adorn a door.

Fall Halloween Finger PuppetsSpider Finger Puppets

Halloween crochet projects can be quick and easy to make — these spider finger puppets are a case in point. You can download our free crochet spider and pumpkin finger puppets patterns for free. These are quick to make, and they are great as favors at a Halloween party. You may even want to crochet a bunch of them to hand out to trick-or-treaters.

Fall Crochet Patterns

Check out for fall crochet patterns that are all free for you to download. The patterns range from easy to advanced, and you can crochet fall sweaters, scarves, or even autumn decor for your home. This fall, complement your crochet spiders with a crocheted fall cornucopia filled with fruits and vegetables, or a pumpkin costume for a teddy bear. Keep your hands busy and your home looking great, all on a budget, with our free patterns.



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Crochet Pattern Ideas for Baby Blankets

Some things just go together: milk and cornflakes, Tom and Jerry, babies and blankets. Why not crochet a baby blanket for the next baby shower you’re invited to? Mom and baby alike are sure to love a warm, cozy blanket you’ve made yourself. At, we offer baby blanket crochet pattern ideas that are free.

baby blanket crochetBaby Blanket Crochet Pattern Ideas

Our most popular baby blanket pattern to download is the Crochenit Baby Set. With its lacy, airy look, this baby blanket is traditional and up-to-date at the same time. Use the yarn of your choice to create the perfect blanket for any baby boy or girl. The free pattern also includes a pattern for matching booties.

crochet baby blanketCrochet Blankets for Baby Boys and Girls

Another popular baby blanket choice is the Boy Wrapper Crochet Baby Afghan Pattern. Don’t let the name fool you, because you can change the yarn color to make this afghan just right for a girl, as well. This baby blanket is easy to make, with a basic crochet stitch. The ribbon trim gives it extra visual appeal, and babies will love the contrasting textures of the yarn and the ribbon.

angel crochet blanket buddyCrochet Blanket Buddies

Think outside of the box when you’re considering crocheting a baby blanket! Baby would love a blanket buddy as a “lovey” to take with him or her anywhere. Our Angel Blanket Buddy provides a comforting presence for your favorite baby or toddler. The pattern is easy, so you can crochet it in little time.

Browse all our baby blanket patterns. We carry patterns you can crochet, whether you’re just beginning — or whether you’ve crocheted for years. They’re all free for you to download, so why not get started today?