Crochet Patterns For Mom

No tricks! It’s time to treat yourself.

With the back-to-school hustle and errands, moms stir up a hurricane that could go toe-to-toe against autumn gusts. Pause the multitasking. Take a peek at these free crochet patterns for moms.

Moms and Minnie-Mes

For the little-one who wants to be just like mom, crochet matching cuddly and classy mother and daughter sweatshirts. The free pattern requires only easy stitches. What a great project to work on while your waiting in line for your kids to get out of school in the car line. And she’d be so surprised too!

Cuddly, Classy Mom & Daughter Sweatshirts

The child’s size ranges four, six, eight, and ten. The free pattern for moms fits small, medium, large and x-large.

Mom-on-a-mission Wear

Whether it be to impress in the office or mean business at the PTA meeting, this leaf lace vest has it all. Feminine and professional. Fashionable but not over the top.

Leaf Lace Vest

This free crochet pattern for moms need only intermediate skill. Stitch, slip it on, and feel the confidence.

Indian Summer Days

Summer’s gone then back. Those days when summer tangos with autumn are treasured. The last-minute yard work. Playtime at the park. Or a chance to eat on the patio without the plates blowing away.

Enjoy the Indian summer by strutting your stuff in this whimsy sweater.

Whimsy Sweater

The whimsy sweater free crochet pattern carries the traces of summer in detail but is colored in fall. Use intermediate skills to designs the trills and frills of this fall top.

Grand design

Autumn revels in colors and the details of simple leaves. Spread the color and detail into her wardrobe using these free patterns for mom. Two free crochet jacket patterns stand out above the rest. Brace yourself. These might challenge your skill level, but they’re sure to pump up your style.

Free Form Jacket

The doily swirls are more elegant than paisley.  This would make the perfect gift for the woman who has everything.

Fantasy in Color Jacket

The coat of many colors has returned. The fantasy in color jacket requires experienced crocheters. Enjoy the autumn and dress warm!

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