Crochet Doily Patterns with a Friend over Tea

Doilies are fairly simple patterns to crochet and ideal to work on while multi-tasking.

Let your imagination take over when you throw an old fashioned tea party- possibly with a Downton Abbey theme.  It’s not just any kind of tea party.  It’s a crocheting tea party.

Invite your friends to come and bring their stitching tools and crochet thread. In a room, such as a dining room or living room with a decent sized table, set up a delightful tea service. On the menu:  spinach quiche bites, petit fours, croissants with strawberry preserves, and a variety of tasty teas.  Turn off the electronics and enjoy what tea time is meant for- relaxation and conversation.

Lacy Six Point Doily

Friends can choose a pattern from a basket of free crochet doily patterns printed out for guests. You can all do the same pattern or you can each choose your own, like the Petite Pineapples pattern.

Petite Pineapples


You will love how much more you learn about your friends without the interruptions of today’s technology. The best part is that the next time you all gather for tea you will all have a selection of gorgeously dainty doilies to include on your serving table!

3 Responses to Crochet Doily Patterns with a Friend over Tea

  1. Gloria Cheeks says:

    How do I get the petite pineapples pattern

  2. Anna says:

    Lacy six points doily and petite pineapples are the ones that I love to learn.

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