Free Crochet Baby Blanket Patterns that Keep Baby Warm

A baby blanket is such a versatile accessory in baby’s new nursery. It’s an accent throw draped over a rocking chair or an art piece hanging on the wall. It’s an emergency back-up diaper changing pad or a protecting shield from the elements.

Picot Stitch Baby Blanket

But most importantly, it keeps baby warm and cozy.  It’s no coincidence that baby blankets are the most frequently given gifts to newborns. Let’s not forget that they are fun to make and oh-so easy with handy tools like free crochet baby blanket patterns.

Baby Granny Afghan

Baby blankets are essential because baby doesn’t outgrow them quickly like they do sleepers and other clothing garments. They can be used for a long time and they are easily portable from nursery to bassinet to Grandma’s house and back again. Once baby isn’t a baby anymore, they can be safely kept in a hope chest for the next generation.

There are such great varieties of baby blanket patterns available along with more yarn colors and weights than ever before.  Yarns like Plymouth Yarn® DK Merino Superwash combine the warmth of Merino wool with extra softness and easy cleaning that is crucial for a baby accessory.

While you are still able to, swaddle baby in the warmth of this Wish Upon a Star afghan and rock him or her to sleep at night, but be sure not to blink. Baby sure won’t stay little for long.

Confetti Afghan I

4 Responses to Free Crochet Baby Blanket Patterns that Keep Baby Warm

  1. Peg Malecki says:

    Do you have an interlocking pattern fir a baby blanket?

  2. Marilyn webb says:

    I not real good at all this ..I just want to crochet my 4th grandson a blanket

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