How to Make Crochet Jewelry

When you think of crochet, images of sweaters, scarves, and hats probably come to mind. But crocheting is far more versatile than just these items. Yes, you can make crochet jewelry that is fashionable. Take a break from afghans and blankets and pick up your crochet hook with something more delicate in mind.

Free Crochet Jewelry Patterns

Our site offers free crochet jewelry patterns that appeal to all, from children to adults.


foiled heart crochet necklace

The Foiled Heart Necklace is a stylish choice. Choose a favorite yarn color and beads you like and get started crocheting this chic necklace today. You won’t believe how simple this pattern is to make.

Christmas crochet pins

Christmas Crochet Pins

Need stocking stuffers? These Christmas Crochet Pins offer the perfect solution! They are super simple to crochet, and you can use up yarn scraps (and paperclips, too!). These pins also are hot sellers at holiday craft fairs. They are also wonderful Christmas gifts for students in a Sunday school class or a school classroom. Since it takes very little time to crochet them, time will not be an issue when making these cute little pins.

Musical Crochet earrings

Musical Crochet Jewelry

If you are a musician (or know one), these Musical Crochet Earrings would hit the right “note” as a gift. Use delicate yarns for these earrings, which measure between 1″ and 1.5″ long. Keep in mind that when crocheting jewelry, many items look better when you use cotton crochet thread rather than traditional yarn. Experiment with different yarn types to discover which works best to create the look you want to achieve.

Browse all of the free crochet jewelry patterns we offer to find necklaces, earrings, and other jewelry items that are unique and fun to create.

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