Our Five Favorite Crochet Hooks

Crocheting is a “hot” hobby, with Craft Yarn Council reporting that 38 million Americans are currently knitting or crocheting. There are good reasons to pick up a crochet hook: using your hands meaningfully will trigger healthy engagement and activity in 60 percent of your brain, says author Alton Brown in his book — The Creativity Cure: Building Happiness With Your Own Two Hands.

But which crochet hook should you pick up? Here are our favorite crochet hooks:

Aluminum Crochet Hook Set

Aluminum Crochet Hook Set

This sturdy set includes eight different hooks, in sizes D-K. You’ll never again suddenly realize that you’re missing the correct size hook for a new project. These hooks feature tapered throats and round tips for ergonomic comfort, and you’ll appreciate their pretty colors as well.

Crystallites Multipack

Young crocheters especially love these crochet hooks. They’re cheery, bright, and lightweight to hold, and their acrylic material glides easily through yarn. Two packs are offered, with different hook sizes. The hooks are so affordable,  you can afford to buy both!

plastic crochet hook set

Plastic Crochet Hook Set

For bigger, bulkier projects, we recommend the sturdy Crochet Dude Plastic Crochet Hook Set. This set includes hooks in sizes L, P, and Q. Their ergonomic design makes them comfortable for all types of crochet projects.

Amour Crochet Hook Set

Amour Crochet Hook Set

If arthritis or other issues affect your hands, never fear: Amour crochet hooks may be the solution you need. This hook set features elastomer handles that reduce hand fatigue. A customer review says, “I LOVE these hooks. I have 2 sets of them! I am 45, but still I have problems with my hands. I can’t use the hooks that I have used for 35 years. These make it possible to crochet again. I thought I was done forever.”

Steel Crochet Hook Set

This basic set of six crochet hooks makes the perfect gift for a beginning crocheter. Sizes 0, 1, 7, 8, 9, and 10 are included, so add in a ball of yarn, and you’ll be ready to begin crocheting today.

What are your top crochet hooks?

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