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Felting — The fun of felted crochet, plus two handbag patterns

If you’ve never discovered the fun of felting, these easy, step-by-step instructions will show you how. Included are instructions for two colorful, eye-catching felted crochet purses to stitch using either 100 percent wool or wool-blend yarn. What is felting? Felting … Continue reading

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Unspun Wool & Fibers: Crochet From Batt to Beautiful

The variety of unspun wool and exotic fibers on the market today offer a wonderland of experiences for the fiber enthusiast. Silk, wool, alpaca, camel and mohair are just a few in the cornucopia of choices. Not only can you find … Continue reading

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Crochet with Fur and Learn How to Spin Pet Hair

Crochet with fur for a one-of-a-kind crafting experience. Have you ever had a special dog in your life that had a beautiful, downy-soft coat, and you thought to yourself, This would make some incredible yarn! With a little know-how and … Continue reading

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Crochet Socks that Fit

Crochet socks can be difficult to get just right. After all, it’s a known fact that no two people have the same feet and that most people do not have feet that fit the “standard” sizes given in many crochet … Continue reading

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Blocking a Crochet Project: The Basics

Blocking a crochet project is an important step toward making your crocheted pieces look more professional. It’s a way of “dressing” or finishing your projects using moisture and sometimes heat. By properly blocking a crochet project — whether a garment … Continue reading

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Beginning Chains: How Many Chains to Crochet at the Beginning of a Row

How do you know how many beginning chains to crochet at the start of a row? If you’re following a crochet pattern, the pattern instructions will tell you. However, if you want to create your own design or if you … Continue reading

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Importance of Gauge in Crochet

Gauge is the number of stitches per inch and the number of rows per inch you need to get when stitching with a particular weight of yarn and a specific crochet hook. Because the hook size stated in the pattern … Continue reading

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The History of Crochet Hooks

The history of crochet hooks is one of evolution. With today’s wide variety of lovely hooks crafted in a plethora of fabulous materials, styles and colors, it’s hard to imagine the rather crude, unappealing tools some of our earliest crochet … Continue reading


Crochet Using the Color Wheel

Have you ever thought about using a color wheel when you crochet to help you put together great color combos that produce eye-catching results? We all have our favorite colors and color combinations to crochet, but sometimes we just get … Continue reading


Color Magic Secrets for Crochet by Darla Sims

If there is anything that is truly magical not only in crochet but in life itself, it’s color! In everyday life, people often give very little thought to color, yet responses to color are very real and can be scientifically … Continue reading

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